Thanks for visiting Peggy Ghorbani, L.Ac.


I am a subtle and experienced practitioner who doesn’t subscribe to a “no pain, no gain” philosophy.
I believe that gentleness can be effective and that acupuncture should feel good.

My practice offers:

  • Advanced knowledge of Chinese medicine
  • Custom herbal formulas
  • One-on-one care
  • A safe and relaxing environment
  • Attunement to the emotional aspects of wellness
  • Integration with Western science

Please visit the links above to learn more, or call 512-294-6895 to make an appointment.
You can also e-mail me directly at peggyghorbani@gmail.com.



Peggy Ghorbani, L.Ac.
Central Family Practice
720 West 34th Street, Suite 105
Austin, Texas 78705
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